HONA Elbow Pad

A more comfortable manicure everytime!

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Introducing the Ultimate Comfort Elbow Pad for Nail Technicians

Experience the comfort and support with HONA's Elbow Pad, designed for nail professionals who lean on their elbows and they become sore. Crafted from 100% slow rebound silicone, this wrist rest offers unparalleled softness combined with a breathable design to keep you comfortable through long sessions of intricate nail work.

Key Features:

  • Superior Material: The pad is filled with a gel-like filling that cradles your elbows in a supportive, lifted position. The surface is covered in a luxurious vegan leather that is not only soft to the touch but also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring durability and hygiene. (do not use acetone)
  • Ergonomic Design: With dimensions of 18.5x17x3.5 cm, it carefully supports natural elbow alignment, helping to prevent joint issues and reduce the stress on your elbows. Its ample size ensures that your elbows find the support they need without constraining movement.
  • Bursitis Prevention: Our elbow pad mitigates the risks associated with prolonged elbow pressure such as bursitis. By elevating and cushioning the elbow, it reduces indentation risks and alleviates pressure on both your elbows and wrists during long periods of use.
  • Non-slip Stability: The base of the pad is made from high-quality non-slip PU material, providing robust adsorption and stability on any surface, which prevents sliding and unwanted movement during use.

Elevate your professional setup with our Elbow Pad, designed to promote health, comfort, and productivity. Make discomfort a thing of the past, and focus on what you do best – creating stunning nail art.


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