Nail Tech Spotlight @create_cure_

This month were shining the Nail Tech Spotlight on the talented Marie Sexton from -  @create_cure_

We will be delving into Marie work and why we love it! Her portfolio is full of beautiful designs, featuring picture perfect details, soft hues and meticulous attention to detail, offering all the summer inspiration you could need. 

1. Gold Details 


This set creates a feel of class and style that can be done in so many different ways and using different colours!  Felling inspired by this beautiful red and gold set Art Deco set? All you'll need to recreate this design is - PureBuild Angel, Powerful Gel Polish and VIP Detail Paint.  

2. Daffodil Dreams 


This Daffodil art set features elegant stiletto-shaped nails with a subtle and feminine look perfect for spring. Want to create your on floral show stoppers? All you'll need is Swift Tips Stiletto Long, PureBuild Tender, Daffodil Gel Polish, Pumpkin Detail Paint and Forest Detail Paint 

3.  Love Is In The Air 


This Romantic set captures all essentials for a picture perfect classic look with a whimsical twist. Heart Details, French tips, almond shapes and a stunning pale pink. Felling creative? Try out the look using HONA Swift Tips Almond Matte Medium, Scallop Gel Polish and Songbird Gel Polish 

4.  All that glitters  


Who doesn't love a shimmery glitter moment? catching the light and drawing the eye. This sophisticated, light-reflective finish is perfect for those who appreciate a bit of enchantment and glamour in their everyday style. To create your own glitzy look with HONA take a look at our Thats Hot Collection filled with Detail Paints just like the one used in this set. 



Q: How do you stay inspired in a busy industry?

A:  My drive to be a better nail tech is my main motivation for trying to remain inspired in this busy industry. That means I’m constantly looking at ways of refining my skills in both application and artistically!

Nail art wise, I use inspiration from various sources like Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest but I also like to use my surroundings and Fine Artists too. I like doing research and when I find artwork, landmark or even an aesthetic that inspires me I’ll create a project and work out what elements I can use to create mini works of art!

Q: What’s your favourite nail trend at the moment and why?

A: Keeping up with trends can be hard but it’s a great challenge when it’s something you’ve not done before! There are so many trends that I like but I really love the “Clean Girl” look for example clear chrome/shimmer on nude nails, sheer nails, micro french on short nails and so on! Anything

I love it because I think it can demonstrate how good your technique is! It’s not a new trend but I just love it, strips it all back to basics. For any trend you’ve got have great technique and application meaning you’ve got to understand the products you’re using to nail it (pun definitely intended!).

Q: Dish out the deets on your wildest design you tackled!

A: I had a client who asked for JJK (Jujutsu Kaisen) anime nails, I had no idea what that was so I did a bit of research as the client had asked that they specifically wanted the markings the character had on his face on each nail as well as all nails being nude and orange and red ombré which isn’t my strongest skill! The line work was so intricate it took me longer than it normally have taken and I was really out of my depth however I felt that I did a good job and the client was really happy with the result! 

Q: What is your ride or die HONA product?

A: PEELY BASE!!! Easiest question answer!  I LOVE the Peely Base as it has enabled me to not only experiment more with nail designs but it’s helped me with content too! I’ve been exploring what nail content I like to make and that’s really helped me out! It’s so comforting knowing the ingredients are safer too!

A Few other honourable mentions

PureBond- it’s really helped with retention!

PureBuild Angel & Tender - those Gel Builders colours are my favourites, Tender is so neutral and Angel is the perfect pink as I’ve found these colours seem to compliment a lot of my clients! I have variety of clients who have very different skin complexions but those two Purebuilds work across the board!

All the Flash Glitter Detail Paints - need I say more!