May 2024 Nail Art Trends And Ideas

May 2024 Nail Art Trends and Ideas 

As May arrives, we embrace the blossoming warmth of spring and the anticipation of summer on the horizon. Dive into the vibrant world of nail art trends and ideas, where creativity knows no bounds. Join us as we unveil HONA's delightful range of colours, designs, and techniques to elevate your nail game this season. Let's celebrate the beauty of May and the exciting journey toward summer's embrace. 


Aurora Swirls have quickly gained traction on Instagram since late April, captivating nail enthusiasts with their mesmerising allure. With their enchanting beauty and versatile designs, this trend has proven to be more than just a passing fad. It's evident that this trend is here to stay, promising endless inspiration and creativity for nail artists everywhere.  

These examples using Detail Paints from our Aurora collection encapsulate the trend perfectly in their own ways.  

  • @Bydamonevans

  • @spt_hair_nails 

  •  @nailsbyclarelewis74


2. Summer Time Tortie 

Tortoiseshell nails are a timeless favorite, cherished by nail enthusiasts year-round. However, this classic trend has received a vibrant summer makeover, blending pastel hues with bold, bright shades to breathe new life into tortoiseshell designs. Embracing this fresh twist on a beloved classic. 

These examples using HONA Tortie Detail Paint and bright shades from collections like Juciy Gels, Club Tropicana and Wild Side. 

  • @nailsbyalicewhite

  • @naildesignsby.phoebe  


3. Blooming Gel 

With Summer on the horizon theres no wonder that Blooming Gels are blossoming into trend. Creating flowing, organic patterns that bloom and blend effortlessly across the nail in an array of vibrant colours and shades. Perfect for embracing the vibrant energy of the season. 

  • @Polishedbyvictoria 

  • @Thevanitybox_ 


5. Pattern Strips 

If you crave uniqueness but adore patterns, look no further than pattern strips, the ultimate trend saviour for May! 

  • Novalee_nails

  • Pristine_Nails 


May Colour Combos 

As May flourishes and the sun begins to shine, we've curated our top late spring and early summer colour combinations that you can't afford to miss out on.