As April unfolds, the nail art scene bursts with fresh inspiration and creativity, mirroring the lively essence of spring. With longer days and nature blooming, we welcome you to explore the captivating realm of April nail trends and artistry, as we eagerly anticipate the approach of summer. We'll be showcasing HONA's delightful range of colours, designs, and techniques to elevate your nail game this season!


Bold chrome, offering a versatile and eye-catching option for nail enthusiasts. This trend isn't confined to a single hue but embraces a spectrum of colours, all with the defining chrome finish that adds a sparkly, shiny effect. This example from @beautyspace_charllote using our Singapore Sling Chrome embraces colour and a shiny finish that embodies this trend perfectly.  


Botanical nail art is flourishing in popularity, blossoming as a top trend in the nail art world. These designs bring the tranquillity and beauty of nature directly to one's fingertips, often featuring a variety of plant-inspired motifs such as leaves, vines, flowers, and other organic elements. This beautiful botanical set from @maisejacksonbeauty using the shades Sage and Green Velvet detail paints  encompasses the trend perfectly combining a classic milky base with vibrant vine patterns. 



The butterfly nail art trend for 2024 is fluttering with various stunning designs, from the subtle to the striking. You can capture butterflies' ethereal beauty with nail art ranging from delicate, tiny accents to bold, full-nail designs. Flutter away with this beautiful example from  @jodiesbeauy. Essentials for creating your own butterfly look include Black Detail Paint, Faerie PureBuild and Clear Chrome



Mermaid nails are making a wave drawing inspiration from oceanic elements, incorporating designs and textures that mimic the ethereal and enchanting look of mermaids and the sea. The appeal of mermaid-inspired nails lies in their versatility and the ability to range from subtle and elegant to bold and imaginative. This example from @x_beau.beauty_x is a perfect subtle option for those trying out the mermaid trend - Essentials for the perfect mermaid look include PureBuild Candy, White Detail Paints, Clam Chrome and Taurus Flakes



When life gives you lemons… You make lemon nail art, Or whatever the saying goes. Lemon-themed nail art can be a vibrant and refreshing choice, especially for spring and summer, embodying a sense of zest and brightness... Whether you prefer subtle lemon slices as accents on a single nail or a full set of citrus-inspired designs, it's a fun and trendy way to add a pop of colour and playfulness to your nails. This Serrento inspired set from @nolas.nails uses Bubble Purebuild, Butter Cup, Butternut, Lemon Sherbet and White Detail Paint.  


As we dream of that perfect Mamma Mia summer, exploring breathtaking beaches, sipping cocktails, and dancing under the moonlight to the sound of waves crashing, we find ourselves adorning our nails with Greek tile designs These intricate patterns, inspired by the iconic blue and white ceramics found throughout Greece, transform our manicures into mini canvases of artistry adding a subtle nod to the Mediterranean summer that we are all so ready for. This inspiring set from @nailartistrybylolli uses Purebuild bliss, White Detail Paint,  After Dark Detail Paint and Sunshine Detail paint, Nicely finished off with SuperShine Topcoat. 



Here are some of our favourite colour combinations that we think are the perfect choice for an April set that embraces spring and welcomes summer.